Complex Custom Characters
I know this forum is not as popular, but I hope the progress I've made in this area as well as the possibilities it will facilitate will create some interest in somebody who can help.

Background (skip this if you don't care):
For the past while, I've been working on a way to make complex custom characters work in mkwii. My current test subject is a model of chainsaw man, which has 77064 vertices and a custom--albeit simplistic--rig. I was able to make a run cycle for it in Blender (as brawlcrate's animating software is quite lacking) and use Maya to make the animation work in brawcrate. The model and animation work perfectly fine in time trial mode. But now I'm stuck at the very last step.

The Issue 
The model does not work in GP mode, or in multiplayer VS mode. I've had a similar issue before where more than one amongus character could not be played at once in multiplayer VS. 
I have tried many things at this point, including:
-Turning off "use panic handlers"
-putting custom characters on a fresh (unmodded ISO
-Trying all the backends
-Using memory override to increase the RAM
-Using an older version of Dolphin

I mentioned this in the website's Discord as well, if you would like to see more details


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