What is the maximum length of a gecko code?
I read somewhere that its 350 lines, other sources say its 600 lines, others 256.
So, whats the maximum length of a gecko code using Dolphin's codehandler (codehandler.bin)?
It depends on the version of the Gecko Code Handler that is being used.

The "standard" Code Handler refers to version This is the version found in most HBC Applications (i.e. USB Loader GX). With this version, the totality of all codes can't exceed 256 "lines" (double-words). I can't remember if this includes the GCT Header and Footer/Code-Terminator. Those take up 2 lines total.

I've heard Dolphin's tweaked Gecko Code Handler supports slightly more than 256. I don't know the number off the top of my head.

You can bypass this limit and go into the 1,000's using Wiimm's SZS Tools.
wstrt patch main.dol --add-section nameofgct.gct

If you are unfamiliar with Wiimm's SZS (and WIT) Tools, here's a subforum

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