Waltress (PPC Assembler)
Version 0.2 released. Nothing major, added some more simplified mnemonics and did some clean up. Version 0.3 will be a bigger release, but I will be obligated with a lot of work, so it will have to be held off for some time.

Details of changes/updates for v0.2~

*Added in blr(l), bctr(l), sub(./o), and subc(./o) simplified mnemonics
*Re-did the initial process of creating the HBC application, saved a few lines of pre-generated Assembly code for the Inline file
*Got rid of the -33 error code in the HBC app (aka -3 in Assembler engine). If a source line is simply too long, we will let it output the same error as former -34.
*Engine files no longer hardcoded to certain function addr's that were specific to PAL MKWii. Empty reserved spots in lookup table now serve that job. Function addr's are written to reserved spots by software (HBC App)
*Fixed many typoes (lol)

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