Which Browswer do you use?
I've recently install QuteBrowser and this thing is great with using just hotkeys to navigate thru everything. Super lightweight (can't use heavy shit like firefox and chrome) and can play all my videos on websites that I visit.

What browser do you use?
I've not heard of qutebrowser but will check it out, I've personally always used firefox
Most computers I have are old laptops, so I can't run firefox without some intermediate lag, but on my main workstation that's a decent Desktop, firefox is what I mainly use.For my older computers, Opera works most of the time but certain YT videos (like super old YT vids, streams, movies, etc) don't work.

Falkon is another great lightweight option, but I can't get the Dark Theme installed and working. I need dark theme on everything.
I use google chrome because it's work and don't have problems of ram (may be some time when i decide to load all on 6 windows with a lot of tab[Image: unknown.png])
Y'all are gonna hate me... OperaGX
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Usually chrome
Never heard of OperaGX. On my Debian 10 machine, Firefox and Chromium take up the most Memory usage. Regular Opera is less and it's been my main browser for awhile, but this qutebrowser is pretty neat.
Firefox. Works great, and comes with every Linux distro Smile
Update: I'm currently trying out the Vimium extension on firefox and I like it a lot so far.
Means I can use keyboard for almost everything without moving to another browser

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