Wii & Dolphin Desync
Hello, this is quite an important thread regarding Time Trials, most of us know that there's a quite big difference between Dolphin and Wii;

I've been working on the True Expert Staff Ghosts Mode for Riibalanced and i strangely noticed that some Ghost made on Dolphin desynced on Real Hardware & the other way around.

Could someone create a code or tool that fixes this issue in some way? Dolphin usually reads the inputs faster than normal, so there could be a way to slow-down the inputs? (or speed-up the inputs when viewing Ghosts made on Real Hardware via Dolphin)

Video to show the Dolphin & Wii Desync: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQGtSTx-UzQ

I would appreciate a lot any help with this situation
The section you posted in is intended for releasing codes, so I've moved your thread

What version of dolphin was this with?
This isn't caused by a specific version of dolphin, but the ghosts were made on the Dolphin Version that supports Riivolution High Level Emulation
The desync shown in the video is caused by inaccuracies in the floating point emulation that have been fixed later in 2014.
Some of those issues still occur with some ghosts tho
(12-02-2021, 04:00 PM)Jerma Wrote: Some of those issues still occur with some ghosts  tho

Do you have a link to such a ghost?

In any case, if Dolphin has inaccuracies, then it must be fixed in Dolphin itself.

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