Code working fine on dolphin, but crashing on wii
When loading a course on my wii with this code enabled, the game crashes. However, on dolphin, it runs just fine!
How do i fix that?
#address = 80590400
lfs f1, 0 (r31)
  lis r12, 0x8000
  ori r12, r12, 0x1D0
  lbz r10, 0(r12)
  cmpwi r10, 0x1
  beq- loc_0x1C
  b loc_0x34

  .set GRAVITY, 0x40360000

  bl float

  .long GRAVITY

  mflr r11
  lfs f10, 0 (r11)
  lfs f13, -0x70 (r3)
  fmuls f13, f13, f10
  lfs f1, 0 (r31)
  fadds f1, f1, f13

Is this the only code you are running?

I see you are loading a value from the EVA, but there is nowhere else in the code that writes to the EVA.

Also, are you running a clean, unpatched ISO on both the Wii and Dolphin tests?

Which codehandler/code-loading-app are you using?

In my personal experience, Dolphin fails to exactly replicate certain Wii things such as File Management (i.e. ISFS_CreateDir return values), Frame Buffer based codes (i.e. Draw codes), and certain stuff involving Starlet (i.e. Hollywood VI registers).

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