Hi everyone! (plus my first code and a noob level explanation)
Hi everyone, I'm Cealgair, possibly best known for my CT downloader. I've been passively using mkwii.com for a while now since I think it's the best place to find mkwii cheat codes nowadays. I decided to register because recently I tried to make a code myself and I needed some advice. Thanks to Stebler's advice, I actually completed the code before I registered here. It essentially replaces the Time Trials mode with a sort of Exploration mode, where you have infinite shrooms, you never lose them, laps don't count and Lakitu doesn't get in your way if you go backwards. It's basically not much more than a collage of existing codes. Without further ado, here it is:

04857A9C 28000064
02535628 00004182
047BC97C 80030008
047BC980 7C040051
047BC19C 90030008
047BC744 907F0004
047BCA68 907C0004
047BCA6C 901C0008
005349FF 00000001
289C38BC 00FF0100
02535628 00004800
047BC97C 28000000
047BC980 38000003
047BC19C 60000000
047BC744 60000000
047BCA68 60000000
047BCA6C 60000000
005349FF 00000000
E0000000 80008000

As a bonus, here's a noob-level explanation:
  • The first line disables the "Ghost data could not be saved" text and it's taken from Remove 6 Minute Limit [WhatisLoaf]
  • The line starting with 28 checks if we're in Time Trials. I knew it would work because of a comment by Seeky in this thread. Also the Gecko Codetype Documentation really helped me
  • The lines after that one are: Disable Lakitu When Going Backwards [CLF78]Triple Mushroom Behavior Modifier [JoshuaMK] (set to "infinite triple mushroom"), Never Lose Item [XeR]Lap Count Increased Modifier [Vega] (set to "laps never increased") and the final terminator at the end.
  • The lines before the 28 line and after the first one set what would be the normal behavior of the game without the codes that I put after the 28 line. For Vega's code, it's just the code itself, set to "default value of the game". For all of the others, I had to find the correct values manually, and that's where Stebler helped me by telling me how to do so. To find the default value of the other constants, you can view the memory in the Dolphin debug interface (can be enabled in Config -> Interface -> Show Debugging UI) when the game is paused.
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