[Request] Miis as CPUs in Mission Mode
Hi! I've been using Mission Mode to record some footage for a video I'm making. I've found it to be a quick and easy way to rid the race of all other CPUs without having to use a large assortment of codes. 

It's possible to load a Mii as the character used in the mission itself, but adding Miis as CPUs causes the game to crash. So I was wondering if this could be fixed with a code.

Could a code be made that allows Miis from the user's console to be loaded as CPUs in Missions?
Perhaps it could allow the user to set the index of the mii from their console they want loaded over certain CPUs, would this be possible to make a code for?

This would help so much!
I'm guessing it isn't..?
I don't think loading Mii CPUs in Mission Mode is possible at all, Sadly Sad

It's technically impossible loading Mii CPUs in every game mode, so i don't think it will be possible.

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