MKW LAN Mod Guide [w/ USB Loading & Gecko Codes]
Finally got around to giving Gecko stuff in BrainSlug another shot earlier this week and with the help of InvoxiPlayGames, and I managed to make a proper Gecko codehandler that loads GCTs off a SD card. Much better, much easier too.

I've updated the guide with the module and stuff, and used the reserved post for the old guide because why not. Just wish this forum had a spoiler tag so I could hide the second post away instead of making the page longer for no good reason Tongue

I had an issue I never ended up resolving where my codehandler module can only load up to ~230 lines of code / 1880 bytes of a GCT, and IPG suggested to me that the GCT was too big and I try a different codehandler without USB Gecko support added. I took her suggestion and changed the codehandler for JoshuaMKW's, but I still couldn't load a bigger GCT. I honestly have no clue why, other than maybe BrainSlug loaded something into RAM near there reducing the space available there or something, IDK. If anyone thinks they can tackle that issue source code is provided with it.

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