MKW LAN Mod Guide [w/ USB Loading & Gecko Codes]
(08-31-2021, 11:31 PM)Vega Wrote: You can hex edit ASM codes onto an WBFS/ISO but it's a pain. old guide that I haven't updated in a long time, so excuse any noobiness

I looked at this, and thats all above my head, but that is a solution.

(09-05-2021, 02:59 PM)InvoxiPlayGames Wrote: Local BrainSlug aficionado here; to get Gecko codes working, if you're using the "gecko.mod" module that comes with BrainSlug itself, you can make a module that just runs "memcpy((void*)0x800028B8, GCTArray, sizeof(GCTArray));" upon startup, where GCTArray is a C char[] with the contents of a GCT file.

...but I'm going to have to toy with this. This looks very promising, thanks for dropping me this tid bit!

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