MKW Hack Pack Character location
Hi! Been trying to get new characters for my sons Hack Pack and have downloaded the MKW Character Pack. Tried to put the files in the right location as per the zip file and the characters load up on the Riivolution screen. I choose the characters but when I go to play the game, only the original characters show. What am I doing wrong??!
So in riivolution distributions, if they have a "my stuff" option, I'd recommend putting the szs files in that folder and turning it on thru there.
If you did this and the characters aren't appearing, this could be a result of multiple things.
-You didn't place the szs files into the right folder
-The distribution creator doesn't have a mystuff folder set up
-You didn't set the option up correctly in riivolution

It is most likely the first thing. Make sure you are placing the .szs files into the right folder (if your son has CTGP it wouldn't go in there rather the MKWHP folder's mystuff). IF none of these work, it might be better to contact the creator of the distribution. #1~

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