Your Favorite Code by each Code Creator
Chip and I had this fun discussion on Discord of naming your fave codes made by each Code creator and your own fave code that you made.

My rough draft list (too many code creators to make a full list, sorry if I happen to leave you out):

Star: Step Above God code or his original Change Region ID in between Races code (ah, the good ole days)
Loaf: Custom Top Ten Leaderboard
JoshuaMK: Perfect Start Every time
Seeky: Auto Dodge POW
Chip: Something he's gonna post soon, hurry up and post it!
ComputerBot: End Race Early on Command
Stebler: Pretty Speedometer
Diamond: Always Receive Winning Animation in Ghost Race 
CLF78: Disconnect at Will
Bully: No Disconnect
Scruffy: Rejoin Room

personal fave code that i created: Steal Mii

What's your list?
Star: rce
Vega: see your own Ip address
JoshuaMK: camera layering
Chip: soon to be released code
Seeky: 64 seconds = 1 minute
Scruffy: rejoin room
Stebler:pretty speedometer
Clf: change item trail depending on amount
Loaf: disable 6 min ghost limit
Bully: ghost item function

My favorite code I have made is no error code online
[Image: unknown.png]
Star: RCE
Vega: License Creation VR+BR Modifier
JoshuaMK: Dynamic Gravity v3.1
Chip: Use Pow Anytime
Seeky: RCE Protection
Scruffy: Rejoin room
Stebler: Pretty Speed-o-meter
CLF: Item Damage Type Modifier
Loaf: Advanced Live Replay
Bully: No Disconnect

The best code I have made (which is low quality garbo so meh) is Customizable Scorestreaks.

The reason I have these as my favorite for each coder is picked for either how useful the code was in MKW:BR or how cool the code is for that user. #1~
Star: A Step Above God
Vega: Position Modifier Online
JoshuaMK: Wheelies Never Timeout
Seeky: Auto Pow Dodge
Stebler: Pretty Speedometer
CLF78: Impervious Thunder Cloud v2
Scruffy: Rejoin Room
Bully: Show Item Early
Diamond: No ESRB Screen
_tZ: Grand Prix Race 1 Starting Position Modifier

Personal Favorite Code: Press Button to Spawn TC
Bully: Starting Lap Modifier
Chippy: Press Button to Spawn TC
davidevgen: No Character Sounds
Diamond: Auto Strap Screen Skip
JoshuaMK: Mii Heads on Minimap
Kazuki: Enhanced Start Line
mdmwii: MarioBOT
Melg: Show Time Difference
MrBean: Don't Hide Position After Race
Riidefi: Draw Player Trace
Scruffy: Rejoin Room
Seeky: Prevent Guest From Starting Room
Star: Screenshot
stebler: Pretty Speedometer
tZ: Unlock Everything Without Save
Vega: Memory Viewer
WhatIsLoaf: Message Editor

Mine: Finish Time-based Points (with Ismy)

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