Discovery of a new Wii ISO!
Looking through certain files of NDEV units, you can find many old dev files, including a iso labeled paktest. The ISO is incomplete, and we are not sure what it may have been, but on NDEV Wii units, It can be found in the system. As far as I know, it is not longer working. It would have had a online functionality, and it would connect to database called "ONLINEPAK", but of course that is no longer running and we don't know what it was for or what it could have contained. The ID is not known, sadly. I will update this if I get more info. It also doesn't work on retail wiis or dolphin. And yes, my new server in development is named after this. If anybody has info on this, please let me know!

EDIT: So... for the game ID. It appears this ISO was never on a disc, and any files containing the ID are lost. Until some finds a disc with this on it or finds the files, it appears to be lost media. Also, the supposed "ONLINEPAK" server has loose connections to the NWC24Editor, as it has a line saying that the service from the other channel could not be received, we may be able to test further, or find the remaining files on another NDEV unit. So "ONLINEPAK" may have been a plug-in for the NWC24Editor, that paktest could have connected to. Also, paktest has a cousin wad called wadtest. But it's just NMenu Wad, without a banner, and no SMB music. Also, paktest has a bit of text that would say: "Message awaiting... NWC24Editor not active!", But it doesn't tell us what the message would have been. Which sucks. There is a alternative message that says: "Connection awaiting... ONLINEPAK could not init!". I will update further.

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