Item Damage Type Modifier
These codes modify the type of damage you receive when hit by a certain item. If used online, other players will see you using the modified damage.


0456E338 386000XX

Bob-Omb Explosion
0456E37C 386000XX

Bob-Omb Spinout
0456E388 386000XX

Blue Shell Explosion
0456E364 386000XX

Blue Shell Spinout
0456E370 386000XX

Fake Item Box
0456E554 386000XX

Green Shell/Red Shell
0456E358 386000XX

POW Block
0457A940 388000XX

0457A040 388000XX

0457A058 388000XX


04573188 386000XX

Bob-Omb Explosion
045731CC 386000XX

Bob-Omb Spinout
045731D8 386000XX

Blue Shell Explosion
045731B4 386000XX

Blue Shell Spinout
045731C0 386000XX

Fake Item Box
045733A4 386000XX

Green Shell/Red Shell
045731A8 386000XX

POW Block
045811A4 388000XX

045808A4 388000XX

045808BC 388000XX


04572B08 386000XX

Bob-Omb Explosion
04572B4C 386000XX

Bob-Omb Spinout
04572B58 386000XX

Blue Shell Explosion
04572B34 386000XX

Blue Shell Spinout
04572B40 386000XX

Fake Item Box
04572D24 386000XX

Green Shell/Red Shell
04572B28 386000XX

POW Block
04580B24 388000XX

04580224 388000XX

0458023C 388000XX


045611E0 386000XX

Bob-Omb Explosion
04561224 386000XX

Bob-Omb Spinout
04561230 386000XX

Blue Shell Explosion
0456120C 386000XX

Blue Shell Spinout
04561218 386000XX

Fake Item Box
045613FC 386000XX

Green Shell/Red Shell
04561200 386000XX

POW Block
0456F1FC 388000XX

0456E8FC 388000XX

0456E914 388000XX

XX Values:
00: Spin-out (Banana)
01: Spin-out (Goomba, Penguin, Pokey, Crab, rMR Piranha Plant)
02: Knockback (Shells, FIB, Gopher, BC Geyser)
03: Knockback (Star, Cow, CM Car)
04: Knockback (Chain Chomp)
05: Knockback (MH Car)
06: Knockback (Bullet Bill)
07: Launched (Bomb-omb, Blue Shell, MH Bomb-omb Car, BC Bowser Breath Fire Bomb)
08: Launched (rPB Cataquack)
09: Firey Spin-out (rWS & BC Fire Ring)
0A: Spin-out (Lightning)
0B: POW'd (default value)
0C: Crushed (Thwomp)
0D: Crushed (Mega Mushroom)
0E: Crushed (MH Truck)
0F: Spin-out (KC Zapper)
10: Crushed, then respawn (?)
11: Spin-out (Thunder Cloud)
12 and beyond are undocumented.

Codes created by:
  • CLF78 (Shock, Thundercloud)
  • Skullface (Banana, FIB, Shell, Bomb, Blue Shell)
  • Supastarrio (POW)
I did do some testing past 11 just to see what there might be and found some cool stuff tho most will just crash. I just tested up till 20 and did a few past that just to see if anything else could be found. (all of these were tested on dolphin)
12: crash
13: instant stop with damage animation
14: crash
15: crash
16: instant stop with damage animation (probably crashes console)
17: crash
18: instant stop with damage animation
19: crash
1A: crash
1B: crash
1C: instant stop with damage animation (never stops)
1D: instant stop with damage animation
1E: crash
1F: crash
20: crash
CC: crash
FF: crash
FFF: crash
FFFD: crash
FFFE: crash
FFFF: instant break, no damage dealt
[Image: unknown.png]
I've been thinking about some values and what they were meant to do. Here are my theories.

The 04 and 05 Values could be related to the Chain Chomp Knockback on Mario Circuit and the Chomp Ball on Chain Chomp Roulette.

The 08 Value is related with the Cataquacks on GCN Peach Beach

The 09 Value is related with the Firy Spin Out on Bowser's Castle Wii

The 0C Value could be related with the Thwomp on Thwomp Desert or Squashed By The Chomp Ball

The 10 Value is related with the Thwomp Desert Stage when you get Squashed by the Thwomp while in the Out of Bounds/Respawn Zone.

Value FFFF is probably related with a Tournament Object. I remember playing a Tournament as a kid where you could stop by hitting some specific enemy.

Also, there should be a value related with the Topman's Knockback somewhere in the Code, It could be hidden in the 12 and After values.
Updated some of the XX values

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