Easy Softmod Guide
Easy Softmod Guide

This is a very simple guide that installs the least amount of modified software to your Wii. Just enough to have basic brick protection and be able to play MKWii from a WBFS/ISO file.

- Wii Console (Does NOT work for Wii Mini or Wii-U!!!)
- Already Have HBC installed (v1.1.0 or later)
- Wii Remote
- SD card (preferably 4gb or less in size as SDHC's can be finicky.) SD compatibility list - https://mkwii.com/showthread.php?tid=81

Chapter 1. SD Setup

Format your SD card. Quick format to FAT16 or FAT32 will work.

You will need the EasySoftmod.zip package. Add me on Discord (vega8365).

Extract/unzip the package. Go into the EasySoftmod folder, and you should see two folders...


Move those folders to your SD card.

Chapter 2: Priiloader

SD into Wii, launch HBC.

Launch Priiloader. After a brief moment, Priiloader will list a button keymap.

Click (+) button on your Wii Remote to install. If everything worked, Priiloader should say that it has been installed and you can return back. Click the A button to return back to HBC.

Now press and HOLD the Reset Button on your Console. Keep holding until you see Priiloader appear.

Once you have confirmed that you can launch Priiloader via this method, simply select Homebrew Channel to exit Priiloader and return back to HBC.

Chapter 3: Wad installation

Launch WiiMod Lite. Click A on Wad Manager. A screen to choose your device will appear. Select SD slot. Click A.

Click 1 to highlight the two wads that are listed. Click A to install both of them. Once all wads have installed, simply press the Home Button to return back to HBC.

Chapter 4: Conclusion

And that's it, you're done. Congratz. You can wipe everything off the SD card now.

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Need to know how to add WBFS files to your USB device? Guide -> https://mkwii.com/showthread.php?tid=121

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