Disable Online Six Minute Disconnection [Ro]
Disable Online Six Minute Disconnection [Ro]

NOTE: Outdated by CLF78's Disconnect at Will code which has the option to disable the 6 minute disconnection.

Mario Kart Wii has a online feature where the game disconnects you if 6 minutes has been passed. This starts when everyone is synced and ready to go. The reason of this existing is probably to disconnect people if they are stuck at 'Please wait a moment'. This cheat code disables this feature. Keep in mind this code is NOT a online race extender, if you want to race after 5 minutes, get Wi-Fi Time Expansion code. Because of the huge amount of leaks, this code is now released. This cheat code is used on Formula Kart Wii pack.
This code was originally first made by Luce (Also known as Dea). This is a remake.

04539F38 60000000

0453F474 60000000

0453EDF4 60000000

0452D4CC 60000000

Code created by: Ro
This was specifically given to me for use in Formula Kart Wii by Ro himself, it leaked because Chippy pulled it from the pack itself (it's not like we had any way to prevent him from doing so). Please do not accuse me of vulturing this kind of stuff.
Val originally leaked it after being giving a code that restarts the game by someone, and then I posted it for a minute in a server where no one would even save it and deleted it right away. (I never have downloaded FKW and I didn’t even know the code was installed in there)
Still, it's not because of the leaks that we use it on FKW. That is a bit misleading and doesn't help the development of our mod.
Oh my lord, I see the mistake, it was nothing but a typo. I apologize!
ntsc-k address is 8052D4CC

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