Mii Outfit C [TheLordScruffy]
Thats a shame. I've been messing around with the stuff that has the model names (not sure what its called, its where the "mr" and "lg" stuff is in memory if that makes sense, sorry im a noob & new to mkwii modding xd) and was able to make it load, say mario on top of the mii character in a race. I figured maybe there could be a way to swap this on the fly via button click on the controller. Im thinking adding characters like ermii kart for mkds does where you use L & R to switch characters. Im thinking if i just write some sexy assembly code for this I can get a concept of this functioning maybe. Idk just some ideas. The obvious issue would be that fact it loads said model on top of the mii, so it would be the mii and say, mario.

Im currently making an attempt to pull this off but im getting annoying invalid read write errors from dolphin when I try to read & write to the resource name locations. Could be a bad address (maybe?) but I think thats unlikely. Im wondering is that memory protected? and if so can it be un-protected?

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