How to access Wiimmfi on Wii without a SD Card
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How to access Wiimmfi on Wii without a SD Card

This guide will teach you how to connect to Wiimmfi on a Wii console without a SD Card using the Internet Channel.

This guide is mainly for Beginners.

Chapter 1: Introduction

A Wii with System Menu 4.3
Internet Connectivity
A game compatible with Wiimmfi
Special NOTE: This method does not work on vWii (Virtual Wii/Wii Mode on Wii U)!

Chapter 2: Actually Doing It

Go into Internet Channel from the Wii Menu.

Click on the third bubble from the left.

Type in “”

When the page loads, make a bookmark, it should name itself “Wiimmfi”

Now exit out of Internet Channel and re-enter.

Go to Bookmarks and select the “Wiimmfi” bookmark you made earlier.

A bar should appear now, usually saying 6/8, it should quickly transition to the Auto Wiimmfi Patcher.

Assuming a game disc is in the disc drive, the game should boot.

Just now try going online through the Nintendo WFC section and you should be connecting to Wiimmfi.

That's literally it!  Tongue

Wiimmfi created by: Wiimm and Leseratte
Auto Wiimmfi Patcher created by: MrBean35000vr created by: MrBean35000vr and Chadderz
FlashHax created by: Fullmetal5
Awesome!!! Great How-To guide. I didn’t know you could play Wiimmfi without an SD card. ?
Thank you for posting this!

I'm not sure whether to keep this here or move it to the Wiimmfi subforum. It will stay here for the time being.

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