Extend GCT Limit for USB Loader GX
NOTE: This method will cause any codes that hook via memory addresses of the StaticR.rel to no longer work!!!

Quick guide to increase the GCT limit if you play Mariokart Wii on USB Loader GX.

1. Make a txt file named gameconfig.txt using the following contents

codeliststart = 80394E00
codelistend = 8039CDE0
poke(8019FD30, 38037FFF)

codeliststart = 80399180
codelistend = 803A1160
poke(8019FDD0, 38037FFF)

codeliststart = 80398B00
codelistend = 803A0AE0
poke(8019FCF0, 38037FFF)

codeliststart = 803871A0
codelistend = 8038F180
poke(801A012C, 38037FFF)

2. Place the gameconfig.txt file on the root of your SD/USB device (whichever device where your apps, codes, etc folders are located at)
3. Your GCT limit has been increased from 256 total lines to 32736 total lines!
What is the poke (li r3, 0x7FFF) for? Is it so the game ignores that space?
Super Mario Eclipse, what Super Mario Sunshine could've been.
Unfortunately, I have no idea. Would def be something worth looking into.

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