How to Extend Your GCT Space using LE-CODE
This tutorial assumes you are familiar with creating an LE-CODE based distribution (Tutorial on this soon) and using Wiimm's Tools, have a pre-compiled lecode*.bin, and have my LE-CODE based code extender here:

Patching the main.dol with my code extender + LE-CODE

For this, grab a clean main.dol from an extracted ISO and with my code "code extender" in gct file "NAME.gct", run this command in cmd: wstrt PATCH main.dol --add-section NAME.gct --add-lecode --DEST ./lecode/main.dol -o

Now a patched main.dol will be located at the relative directory "./lecode/" with LE-CODE and my code extender built in.

Patching an lecode*.bin with your code list

With your choice codes in a gct and an lecode.bin open in HxD, follow this video (without the mistake at the end (I put 12279, 12278 was the correct value Tongue)):

Patching an ISO/Riivolution setup


To patch an iso, copy your main.dol to the directory "/sys" in your extracted ISO, overwriting if needed. Then copy your lecode*.bin to the directory "/files/rel and overwrite if needed. Then, in the directory where the extracted ISO's folder is at, run the command: wit copy FOLDERNAME NAME.iso

When it finishes compiling the ISO, run it and play! This ofc assumes you've patched the menus and have all the track files needed, which the upcoming tutorial will cover.


To set this up, simply copy the main.dol to where the xml states, and the same for the lecode*.bin Now simply run the xml in Riivolution and play! This ofc assumes you've patched the menus and have all the track files needed, which the upcoming tutorial will cover.

Credits: Wiimm/Leseratte (Wiimm's Tools and LE-CODE)
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