Your favorite codes of 2019
A lot of good codes were made by many people this entire year. We see some new faces as well. So with the end of 2019 here, and 2020 is just around the corner, I'd figure I would make this thread. Post your Top 10 fave codes that were made in 2019. Doesn't matter what they are, just list your personal favorites.

Here's mine...

1. Remote Code Execution [Star]
Summary: For obvious reasons

2. Screenshot [Star]
Summary: What an awesome code, take a pic of your screen anywhere and it saves to your Wii. Use Star's computer program to convert it to a viewable image.

3. Automated License Unlock + VR/BR Mod [Vega]
Summary: Something I always wanted to make as all the other unlock codes are pretty poor. Unlock everything for every license for all your data saves. Just run it once and you're back the Wii menu!

4. Draw Text to Screen [Star / Rii]
Summary: So useful, as using YS's Draw code is super long, and this one works on Dolphin. 

5. Perfect Start Everytime [JoshuaMK]
Summary: I can't recall how many times a burnout has made me upset lol. Ty so much for this code Joshua!

6. Wheelie Never Times Out [JoshuaMK]
Summary: Hate doing Chains? This code is for you

7. Live Replay [Vega]
Summary: First ever controller-free Live replay. I made this for obvious reasons. Only 4 lines in compiled length.

8. Exception Recovery [Star]
Summary: Doesn't stop every freeze code, but ty Star for making this! It helped against quite a bit of noob freezers on ALTWFC

9. Auto POW Dodge [Seeky]
Summary: He just made this yesterday! Something I always wanted, tried to make but couldn't. Seeky to the rescue.

10. Perfect Character/Vehicle Selection [Vega]
Summary: Always get the best char/veh combo based for w/e track+CC combo is the next race

Honorable Mentions!
Join any Friend's Regional Race [Star]
Drop Items on Command [Fishguy]
Auto Forward Past Strap Screen [Elias]
Can't get Passed TCs + Perfect Shock Invincibility [Vega]
Vehicle Stats Mod [JoshuaMK]
Play VS Race Alone [Elias]
End Race on Command [JoshuaMK]
Auto Attempt to Use Dodge Item When Shocked -Online- [Vega]
Timed Item Usage [Seeky]
I would also mention that Star's Exception Recovery is a super powerful code to use for debugging your own failing codes! Wink
Super Mario Eclipse, what Super Mario Sunshine could've been.
Glad you like my auto-pow dodge so much Smile

My favourite codes this year are TheLordScruffy's codes (aka TheTrueScruffy). Most of them aren't posted here (some can be found at but he made some really fun ones like an item effect randomizer that we played in friend rooms. He was also the reason I took an interest in learning ASM (and the person who helped me get started).
I'll need to add those codes when I get the chance. That Always Have Random Item is cool, i was thinking about making a code like that when I made my snippet of code for the Random Halfword Generator.

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