Static Analysis with Ghidra: Quick Start
Sorry, I am loading it in ghidra but I am not using the Ghidra GameCube Loader to load it. I am using the Gekko language definitions.
Got it working, thanks for the tip and sorry for the misunderstanding Tongue
It turns out that the REL is loaded differently than the game does in practice. Using a MEM1 dump is a much better idea. I will update the instructions accordingly.

By the way, I moved my Ghidra project to a server now, using mutual TLS authentication between clients and server. Depending on how well it works out, I'll post a second guide on how to setup a secure Ghidra server and how to move local Ghidra projects to the shared instnace.
I rewrote the guide to use MEM1, but I couldn't publish my changes because the post was >64KB for some reason, so it's all gone now rip.
I'll just publish an updated version of this post when I have the time
Hmm that's odd. For a post to have >64KB, it would be huge (see Star's original post on symbol map thread, that post is near the max limit).

EDIT 1: It appears the character count tracker is messing up (for everybody but me). I have the character count limit set to 65535 and it's universal (there is NO specific setting for this within editing roles/groups, everyone is effected equally). So it must be a bug with the most recent mybb update 1.8.24.

EDIT 2: Star has no issues, but Seeky does.

EDIT 3: Looks like its a Google Chrome Issue, Seeky switched to Firefox and it worked

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