ALTWFC Friend Code List + Online Session Updates
Where's the source code?
Super Mario Eclipse, what Super Mario Sunshine could've been.
I don't post here much, so i am going to start again.

7 player room on 8/20/2020

Hack2Lose POV:

Also, ALTWFC hit 14 players online at once
I get on AltWFC just about everyday, if there’s cheaters I’ll cheat but if there’s a legit room I’ll go full legit anyway if you guys want to add me my friend code is “0085-9005-8616” I usually go by DN☆Sk8er/Hack②Lose I can try to add everyone when I can - Thanks
i hear tell that they're closing off mkw access soon. has a replacement server been established yet?

1 has been made but isn't always up. its called NewWFC and i never found a room on it ever
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Yeah I tested that NewWFC server with the creator (one of my friends) and when we were testing all it kept doing was disconnecting us but he might fix that issue later on.
Also another cool thing when testing it is that I was the first mii to ever logon so when you go to add someone it will show up as my mii lol but yeah hopefully that server will work out soon.
Imo, there's no point for anyone to bring up another ALTWFC-type server until a real developer can rewrite the entire source.

Why not just use WHackR on Wiimmfi?
Most of the people on altwfc are banned from wiimmfi. Hence why altwfc is so popular.
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Yea, most altwfc players are banned. I would move to WHackR if most of my wiis were not banned tbh. WHackR was so much fun because you don't get frozen like at all unless you froze yourself. Then again if I didn't have any banned consoles I prob wouldn't hack.
Discord: Alina.#6309
Twitter: @RMCW01

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