C0 Randomizer/Incrementer
Here's a simple 'randomizer' (done by numbers incrementing and repeating every frame) via the C0 code type

C0000000 00000004
3D808000 896CXXXX
396B0001 280B00YY
41A00008 39600000
996CXXXX 4E800020

YY  is 1 above whatever your byte limit is
XXXX is ofc the 2nd half of the mem address for whatever exception vector area you are utilizing.

lis r12, 0x8000
lbz r11, 0xXXXX (r12)

addi r11, r11, 1

cmplwi r11, 0xYY
blt+ dont_reset

li r11, 0x0

stb r11, 0xXXXX (r12)

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