Region ID Algorithm Modifier [Vega]
Region ID Algorithm Modifier [Vega]

I have decided to release this code to the public. You can call this my crown jewel. This isn't 'powerful' or anything like that, but if you want to change your Region ID to official Nintendo 'spec', this is how you would do it.

This code changes the byte that the game writes to set its Region ID. The game writes this byte from scratch via a 'Load Immediate' function. Please note there are two different versions for PAL & NTSC-J, as those games' region IDs will change depending on what country code is loaded from Wii SYSCONF.

If for some reason you don't want to use this code and want to instead change the Region ID Algorithm permanently via hex edits on the main.dol, view this thread HERE

0000AE73 0000000X

(When not having AUS/NZ country code)
0000AEAF 0000000X

(When having AUS/NZ country code)
0000AF0F 0000000X

(When not having TWN country code)
0000AE03 0000000X

(When having TWN country code)
0000AE33 0000000X

0000AFBF 0000000X

X = Desired True Region ID
0 = Japan
1 = Americas
2 = Europe
3 = AUS/NZ
4 = Taiwan
5 = S. Korea
6 = China

Code creator: Vega  Heart

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