Since ALTWFC has been shut down, all ALTWFC specific threads have been un-sticked and closed.
Exclamation  ~Announcement~  Exclamation

The forum ranking icons (based on post count) has been updated.

Normal members have had their post count limit increased to 20. And coder/devs have their limit increased to 30.

Also, a post merge time check has now been implemented. If a user makes a post right after their own post in a particular thread (within a 5 minute time frame), the posts are merged automatically (separated by a horizontal rule). This is done to prevent spam and to prevent double (or more) consecutive posting in the "Make it to 10000" thread.
Happy 3 Year Forum Anniversary  Heart

MyBB upgrades completed

1.8.24 -> 1.8.25 -> 1.8.26
Exclamation  Announcement Exclamation

MyBB upgraded to 1.8.27
Exclamation  Announcement  Exclamation

I was able to get the domain name! Heart  Check it out! -

The plan on what to do with the domain name~
  • Have the forums reside at (instead of
  • Any requests to will be redirected to
  • Make a new site banner/logo, probably change the colors to black+blue (we been on black+orange for awhile, but might let it ride out for rest of October because of Halloween). If you guys want to make me a site banner (Waltress added on it? lol), make one and I'll take a look.

I'm really busy with work at the moment, so hopefully in a week, I can get that done. I hardly get any free time at the moment with so many obligations going on currently. So whenever I do get that done, it's obvious the forums will be under maintenance during that time.

When I first started the original forums back in Feb 2018, one of my goals was to eventually get both the domains of and Goal accomplished (:
Exclamation Announcement  Exclamation

- VPS Upgraded to Debian 10
- Forum Domain changed to
- New SSL certs issued
- domain now redirects to
- Any www domain usage will be redirected to non-www domain.
- Item Box favicon added back to replace the Bullet Bill

Will eventually update the theme colors and implement new site Banner/Logo plus fix some forum title/contents here and there.

Thank you terorie for all the nginx redirect help!
Obvious announcement, but might as well post it!

New Waltress Site banner (finally, lol), and the orange theme colors have been to change to a light/medium blue.

MyBB Upgrades completed: 1.8.27 -> 1.8.28 -> 1.8.29

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