Mario Kart Wii - Service Pack (MKW-SP)
Mario Kart Wii - Service Pack (MKW-SP)

Authors: stebler et al.

Mario Kart Wii - Service Pack is an experimental, open-source, cross-platform mod for MKW aiming to provide a variety of features and improvements over the base game.

Current features:
- A new save system allowing for more than 4 licenses, ghosts saved on the SD card (or equivalent) as separate files with additional metadata (and read-only support for the CTGP format), custom settings and no region lock.
- A way to replay or race against up to 11 ghosts at once, with (in replays) the ability to switch between ghosts like in live view, tags for every ghost (can be configured to display the name, finish time or creation date) and a tailored selection UI.
- A native-looking speedometer, an option to show Mii heads on the minimap and various UI and UX improvements.
- Many others such as 200cc, My Stuff including differential patching or ghost solidity options.

Planned features:
- (0.2) Track packs with in-game selection and updates and an improved UI with cups replaced with a simple sortable list and track previews.
- (0.2) Several existing and unique features for custom tracks.
- (0.2) An in-game updater for MKW-SP itself.
- (0.3) Online support with a a custom client-server protocol, allowing for cheat-prevention, race recordings, lag-free spectator mode and reconnecting in the middle of a race.
- (0.3) A revamped team mode with friendly fire, up to 6 teams and some kind of in-game communication for random matchmaking.

Download: v0.1.4
Showcase video:

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