Accurate Explosion Damage [MrBean, CLF78]
This code makes it so other players will see you blow up only if you were actually hit by an explosion. This also fixes blue shell dodges and players spinning out rather than exploding like they should. Everyone should be running the code to get the full benefits.

0256D840 00004800
02565BE8 00004800

02572690 00004800
02569F68 00004800

02572010 00004800
025698E8 00004800

025606E8 00004800
02557FC0 00004800

Code created by: MrBean (first line) and CLF78 (second line)
Code credits: tZ (documentation)

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Accurate Explosion Damage [MrBean, CLF78] - by CLF78 - 07-10-2021, 07:52 AM

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