How to load gecko codes in Riivolution
If you don't already have the homebrew channel, follow the guide for your console: Wii Wii U

If you don't already have Riivolution, download it from here and extract the contents of the zip to your apps folder (if you don't already have one, create it on the root of your sd card).

If you haven't already made a GCT, see Vega's guide (other methods exist too, personally I use CheatManager).

First of all you need to put your GCT file in the right place and name it correctly. Create a folder named codes on the root of your sd card (if it doesn't already exist) and place your gct inside. Now you need to rename it to the ID of the game your codes are for (PAL MKWii would be RMCP01.gct, for example - others can be found here).

Next you will need to download a riivolution patch, which you can get here. Extract the contents of this zip file to the root of your SD card. This patch supports any game, not just MKWii.

Now you just need to load the game. Open riivolution, switch to the ocarina page (will be open already if you don't have any other xmls downloaded) and set OCARINA_CODES to Enabled and OCARINA HANDLER to GXDRAW HOOK. Now just press launch and the game will load with your gecko codes applied.

If you ever want to change the codes you're using, just make a new GCT and replace the one in your codes folder.

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