Force Battle Bug/Glitch [XeR]
For anyone wondering why on other cheat code sites that this code ends in "01" instead of "00" ---

The 01 is incorrect but the code will still work. Idk how the code 'changed' like that when posted by noobies on other sites. Either way it doesnt matter. But if you want it 100% true to Nin 'spec' then use what's posted here. I've checked and verified the value myself via a RAM Viewer on Dolphin when I loaded a battle. Nopping the address does the same effect too. You can use the default RAM value (45EA6000 with button activator) and force the battle bug glitch to be OFF in battle.

Pic of RAM value before battle begins:
Pic of RAM value once battle begins:

The 32 bit string after the code is most likely for Player 2.

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