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About Roles & Forum Rankings - Vega - 02-14-2018

About Roles & Forum Rankings


Admin (Vega) [Image: waluigi.png]
Description: The administrator and founder of the forums.

Moderator (JoshuaMK) [Image: toad.png]
Description: Moderator #1

Moderator (Seeky) [Image: kingboo.png]
Description: Moderator #2

Special Members:

Star [Image: rosalina.png]
Description: Special role for Star

This has the exact same privileges of the Coder / Dev role below, but the user (Star) can change his role title to anything at any time.


Coder / Dev
Description: For Coders and Developers, so they can bypass the approval system in the Codes Forum.

Some privileges about Coder/Devs:
- User Title = Coder / Dev
- 30 post count limit per day
- Can undo poll votes
- Can do +2/-2 for reputation
- Daily reputation that can be given increased from 5 to 6

Registered Users (Image icon varies on post count)
Description: For all normal users.

Some notes about Registered Users:
- 20 post count limit per day
- Cannot change user name
- Cannot set custom role title
- Cannot see invisible users

All notes except the 20 count limit also applies to the Coder/Dev role.

Banned Users (no image icon)
Description: Denied account access.

Post Count Icons (icons still apply to Coder/Devs and Registered Users)

1280 - [Image: shock.png]

640 - [Image: bill.png]

320 - [Image: mkwstar.png]

160 - [Image: mega.png]

80 -  [Image: blue.png]

40 -  [Image: shroom.png]

20 -  [Image: red.png]

10 - [Image: green.png]

0 - [Image: nana.png]