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Hello ! - coco - 11-18-2021

hello call me just coco, i try to understand some part of mariokartwii to make a artificial online (which a program python edit in memory the position of ai to set the position of other player). i get with the cheat of xyz swapper by vega to get xyz position and also the rotation. i found also track (Force Track Selection Offline by bully), change the ia (Choose Character+Vehicle For All Opponents by vega for him i patch the game in game by adding the cheat code), player character and vehicule choose. but i need help about to disable the button ok before the race to activate when all player is ok and the item pose and other effect by item.

RE: Hello ! - Vega - 11-19-2021

Welcome to! Thank you for joining.

For any code help/requests, it would be best to post them in this forum ->

RE: Hello ! - Fzerowii - 11-25-2021

Welcome to the forum!