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CLF78's Code Release Poll - CLF78 - 04-03-2021

I'm currently sitting on some codes i would like to release at some point but which are awkward. So i made this poll to see if anyone is interested. Feel free to vote for your favourites Smile

Description for all codes:
  • Bullet Bill Cannon Speed Modifier: Overtaking people in cannons is a sight to behold.
  • Randomize Vehicle Stats Every X: Affects most stats except Weight (intentionally) and Auto/Manual drift, doesn't affect Driver Stats.
  • Room Message-based Flags: Enable flags in friend rooms by sending specific messages.
  • Triple Item Auto-Trail: For example, if you have more than one Bob-omb/Blue Shell it will automatically make them rotate for you once you use them, doesn't work online.
  • Ultimate Lap Modifier: Allows from 0 up to 128 laps (requires file edits to work perfectly). This is not a dynamic code like the original lap modifier, but it sets the lap count to an arbitrary value for every track (you can probably tell where it comes from Tongue)
  • VS Points Based on Finish Time Difference with 1st: Works offline and in Friend Rooms.

RE: CLF78's Code Release Poll - 9Paran - 04-03-2021

Room Message-based Flags sounds nice

RE: CLF78's Code Release Poll - Zeraora - 04-03-2021

I agree, Room Message-based Flags looks pretty nice

RE: CLF78's Code Release Poll - WariJ - 10-09-2021

The Triple-Item Auto Trail sounds cool too. If you want/can release this code it would be awesome for a mode like Bob-omb Blast