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Bypass RKG Buffer Checksum [Diamond] - Diamond - 08-21-2020

Bypass RKG Buffer Checksum [Diamond]

Bypasses the checksum validation process of RKG files, allowing you to hex edit ghost information without having to recalculate a new check sum for the file to prevent a crash.

04518E34 7C601B78
04517DA0 7C601B78
04519008 7C601B78

0451D2A8 7C601B78
0451C214 7C601B78
0451D47C 7C601B78

0451CC28 7C601B78
0451BB94 7C601B78
0451CDFC 7C601B78

0450B2C8 7C601B78
0450A234 7C601B78
0450B49C 7C601B78

Code creator: Diamond