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TC & Shock Invincibility [Vega] - Vega - 11-23-2019

TC & Shock Invincibility [Vega]

When a TC zaps you, you will receive no damage and your size & speed will NOT be effected (including TC's that you picked up from an item box). When an opponent uses a shock, you will not be effected in any way except that you still see the visual effects of the flash and the bolt animation. Opponents can still pass you TCs but it obviously doesn't matter due to invincibility from damage.

04579F14 4E800020

04580778 4E800020

045800F8 4E800020

0456E7D0 4E800020

stwu sp, -0x20 (sp) is replaced by blr thus cancelling the function call

Code creator: Vega