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Unban Yourself From Any Wii Server (Dolphin only) - Vega - 07-30-2019

NOTICE: In purgatory due to this no longer working on Wiimmfi and that ALTWFC never bans anybody. Kept for historical purposes.
Unban Yourself From Any Wii Server (Dolphin)

NOTE: This is for dolphin-emulator that is using a real Wii NAND. This will NOT work the the dolphin supplied default nand.
NOTE: This won't work for 'Stable' versions of Dolphin. Use a modern dev version.
NOTE: Will MOST likely NOT work on Wiimmfi, but you can try...

Know how to run codes on Dolphin

Chapter 1. IP Address

First thing's first, all servers keep track of all players' IP Addresses. Thus, it is essential that this must be changed. To see what your IP is, simply Google 'what is my IPv4?'.

Here are some methods to change your IP. Be sure to re-google 'what is my IPv4?' after trying a method. Once you have a different IP address, go to Chapter 2.

Fyi: ISP = Internet Service Provider (Google, Spectrum, Xfinity, Cox, etc)

Router/Modem/Network-Box Method

1. Reset your Internet modem (Some ISP's have a setup to where every time you reset your modem, you get a new IP)
2. Turn modem off, wait 1 hour, turn it back on.
3. Turn modem off, wait 24 hours, turn it back on.

VPN Method

This will vary greatly per what VPN service you are using and what your computer operating system is. Therefore, I simply cannot make a singular guide for this method. Obviously since Windows is very popular, there are all sorts of VPN services that will easily install on Windows. For Linux, I have heard good things about Express VPN. ExpressVPN has tutorials (for Ubuntu 14 & 16) of how to get your VPN up and running. Google is your friend.

ISP Contact Method

If the Router/Modem/Net-Box Methods won't work. You can try calling your ISP and ask for a new IP address. Chances are you will be denied or in fact, they can't do it which leads to the next method.

New Router/Modem Method

Nowadays, most ISPs set IPs to your router/modem's MAC Address. You can call your ISP and say you need a new modem. They will let you know where to trade in your current modem for a new one. This will 100% work, and you will get a new IP Address.

Chapter 2: Data Save(s)

There are two methods to wipe your data save(s). Choose whichever is easiest for you.

Via computer files:
Your Wii NAND files location varies per computer operating system. You need to find where your NAND files are. They will be in a folder called "Wii". Within the "Wii" folder open the "Title" folder, then open the "00010004" folder. Delete all folders within the "00010004" folder.

Via system menu:
Launch Dolphin, launch your system menu.  At the Wii Main Menu, click on the Wii Logo on the Bottom Left. Click Data Management, then Wii. Find the MKWii Data Save file(s) and erase them all.

Chapter 3: Changing MAC Address

You need to find where your dolphin config files are at (it's a folder than contains multiple .ini files). The location of these files varies per operating system. Find the dolphin.ini file. Open it.

The MAC Address is listed next to WirelessMac. It is 12 digits long. The digits are in Hex (0-9, A-F). You cannot change the first 6 digits to whatever you want. Nintendo has certain values that they own. You must use one of these combination of values. Here's a list of all valid first 6 digit combos for MAC Addresses:


For the last 6 digits of the MAC Address, they can be anything in Hex. I wouldn't do anything silly such as all the digits being the same. Apply your new MAC Address, save and close the file.

Chapter 4: Changing DWC_Authdata

Go back to where your NAND files were. Open the "shared2" folder. Open the DWC_AUTHDATA file with a Hex Editor (I recommened HxD which you can find for free within minutes via a Google search).

DWC_AUTHDATA Hex digit guide:
00 00 0Z ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

Z = Your new DWC_AUTHDATA value

Edit the Z values to something random that isn't the same as your current value. The overall Z value cannot exceed 9184E729FFF. Simply set your overall Z value to any Hex number that doesn't exceed that limit. Have common sense, don't use a number too small or too large. Also don't set your overall Z value to something silly like 22222222222.

Apply the changes. Save the file. Close your Hex Editor

Chapter 5: Changing the Wii ID

You will need my Wii ID NAND Modifier Code -

Follow the instructions listed and read all the notes in the thread. Simply apply the cheat code and launch the game. The Wii Menu return function of the code may not work (cause Dolphin is Dolphin...). This is normal. After you have executed the code, there are two ways to check to see if the Wii ID changes were successful...

Method #1 (system menu):
Launch your system menu. Click the envelope logo on the bottom right. Click the second icon on the left (Create Message). Then click on the Address Book on the far right. Your Wii ID number will appear (in decimal form, not the hex form you used in the code ofc, use any Decimal to Hex online converter to check the Hex value). If it's not changed, scroll down to 'troubleshooting'.

Method #2 (nwc24msg.cfg):
Go to your NAND files. Open the 'shared2' folder. Open the 'wc24' folder. You will see a file named nwc24msg.cfg. Open it with a Hex Editor (such as HxD). At address 0x8, is the start of your WIi ID. It should match what you put in your code. If not, scroll down to troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Wii ID Change:
The code may have not worked because of your External Frame Buffer settings in Dolphin or because Dolphin is Dolphin..... Launch Dolphin, go to your Graphics config (or click the icon that looks like a computer monitor). Go to the hacks tab. UNCHECK the XFB option "Store XFB Copies to Texture Only". Reboot Dolphin, try again.

If that setting was already unchecked, you have two options:

-Try a different version of Dolphin

-You can run the code on a Wii Console, it will work then. First, backup your console's current nwc24msg.cfg and .cbk files (the cbk is also in /shared2/wc24) via some HBC application; such as WIi Explorer. Then run the code on your console. Use an HBC app to move your new cfg and cbk files to your SD/USB. And then put those two new files in your Dolphin NAND replacing the older ones. Afterwards, put back your original console cbk & cfg files back into the console's NAND.

Chapter 6: Changing the Serial Number 

NOTE: I have heard that modern versions of Dolphin will auto generate you a new setting.txt (with new randomly generated Serial Number) if you delete the file, then relaunch Dolphin. Even if this works, I wouldn't advise this as I'm pretty sure the Dolphin Devs wouldn't use correct serial number ranges for the generated serial number. If you decide to go this route, just be sure to backup your original setting.txt before deleting it just in case this 'bricks' your Dolphin NAND from booting.

Go back to your Wii NAND files again.

Open the title folder.
Open the "00000001" folder.
Open the "00000002" folder.
Open the "data" folder.

You will see a setting.txt file. Take note of its location.

You will need the file. Add me on Discord (vega8365).

Extract/unzip the file. Open the SettingEditor folder, you will see a SettingEdit.exe file. Run the exe file. There is an 'Open' button at the bottom left, click it. Navigate to where your setting.txt, open it.

All your info of your setting.txt will be loaded into the program. The 9 digit number in the Serno section is what we are concerned with, nothing else. You cannot choose any number you want, because Nintendo had specific ranges that they use.

There are tons of ranges but I chose the ones that were most common for safety reasons.

Ranges: X = Any decimal number you want
10XXXXXXX (the most common range, any user can use this)
11XXXXXXX (only use this range if your system menu is PAL)
3XXXXXXXX (only use this range if your system menu is US)
5XXXXXXXX (only use this range if your system menu is US)

Apply your new 9 digit serial number. Then click Save. Close the program.

Chapter 7 (Optional) Client ID Spoofer Code

Client ID Spoofer Code -

This code is not really needed. It may be necessary if you are a very known 'ban-bypasser' and you are very paranoid about being caught. Every person's Mii Data (when online) is stored on the mkw server via the SAKE protocol. If an admin has the proper tools, he/she can (with a lot of trouble) view a person's SAKE (Mii Data information). Thus, if that admin is viewing your Mii Data, he/she can see if your Client ID is connected to a banned MAC Address.

Keep in mind the odds of all of this are very very slim. Like I said, if you're really paranoid, then run the Client ID Spoofer as well. In the Client ID Spoofer thread there is a recommended Client ID value to use if you are not sure what value to set the code to (C2428998). The recommended value is the default value that is on the famous Mii Editor program - My Avatar Editor. Which many people use, thus many people on mkw servers have this same Client ID so it is the safest value to use for the code.

Chapter 8. Going online

If you are using a VPN, be absolutely sure your VPN is turned on and working. Launch dolphin. Apply the Client ID Spoofer code if you chose to use it. Launch your ISO.

Connect to WiFi. If you are connecting to Wiimmfi, you should get EC 23899. If you got an EC of 239XX, then you were caught and got re-banned/blocked again. For all other servers, you should connect with no error codes.

If successful, congratz!

IMPORTANT NOTE (for Wiimmfi): Whatever region of ISO you registered with is the one you need to play with. Changing regions of ISOs causes certain items in the emulated NAND to change thus causing you to re-register. Thus, registering multiple 'regions of ISOs' during the 7 day wait is not advised and could trigger a re-ban.

Chapter 9. Troubleshooting

If you've received EC 239XX on Wiimmfi, try a different value for the DWC_AUTHDATA file. Delete your data save. Try connecting online again.

If you still are receiving EC 239XX after that, then remove the DWC_AUTHDATA file completely. Delete your data save once again. Try connecting. If that still doesn't work, then post in the thread for help or contact me via discord (vega8365)

If deleting the file worked, the server will have a new one generated for you once you have connected online after your 7 day wait. During the time you don't have a DWC_AUTHDATA file, this may cause an error when connecting to ALTWFC, you will simply need to wait out the 7 days for your new file to be generated to fix the ALTWFC issue.

Wii ID NAND Modifier Code by Vega
SettingEdit by Spzx0
Client ID Spoofer Code by Vega