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What to do next? (need some tips) - Vega - 07-18-2019

If anybody has been paying attention, they knew that the domain went into pendingRedemption period back in early June. This meant a 99% chance that by mid July (July 14 to be exact, when pendingDelete ends), anyone can have a change to get the domain. I have been monitoring this for awhile. I set up a few backorder services to try to 'drop-catch' it the moment the domain would be free. 

Unfortunately, I did not get it. It appears some sort of 'spammer' got the domain. This person would buy up semi-popular domains and essentially not use them, the person doesn't even try to sell them for profit. So basically, that's the end of it.

I was planning on getting that domain and trying to expand these forums (the domain would easily catch more traffic) and who knows bring back the glory days of

Since I didn't get the domain, plans have changed. So basically I need some tips.

- This site is mainly about MKWii Modding, ASM Coding, and Hacking. Should I shift the site to be MKWii Coding/Hacking/ASM only? Get rid of the other junk (TT's, MKW General, General Wii Softmodding)? This would may be best route since me and a few other members are the only people active here. The ASM Coding scene is just me and you guys essentially. I can add other stuff such as Custom Tracks, Textures, Music, but the wiki tockdom pretty much already has that handled.

- Or do I try to expand these forums to include 'MKWii-anything'? The domain I have right now is still great, don't get me wrong. This is the 2nd best domain to have after But a lot of noobies/new-comers actually don't know 'mkwii' is short for mariokartwii, hence why traffic doesn't pick up here.

So to the few active members here, hit me up with some ideas. Nothing is really out of limits.

RE: What to do next? (need some tips) - JoshuaMK - 07-18-2019

  1. You either do absolutely everything and have two clear forum divisions with one under the name of "Hacks/Modding/Codes" (Or something like that), and the other under the name of something else to signify the more generalized things.
  2. You shrink the site down to more difficult hack related things like Custom Track Development, Coding, and the more difficult to understand and execute hacks. If taking this route I say you should really take time to just cram as much useful information as possible into each topic in a clear easy to understand manner.

RE: What to do next? (need some tips) - Vega - 07-18-2019

Regarding #1. Ye, that is my preferred goal. My only issue with that is I need an actual team of people to help achieve this. I would need someone handling the MKW General Stuff, someone else handle the TT info, someone do the TAS stuff, someone do the ASM stuff, someone handle the modding stuff, etc etc. I can't be asked to create all the new threads/info by myself to create an entire 'include-everything' MKWii forum.

Thus, I would need to assemble (no pun intended lol) a team of actual moderators and maybe a co-admin. Considering how dead this game is and how many ppl already have roles/commitment in other forums, this would be quite the challenge.


Regarding #2

Ye the Hacks/Modding subforum would actually become like the whole site. But I would split it into more specific sections like Tutorials could be its own parent forum but there is a subforum for ASM tuts, a subforum for Dolphin tuts, etc etc. Textures, Music, CTGP stuff would have to be added.


I'm hoping others will chime in.

RE: What to do next? (need some tips) - JoshuaMK - 07-18-2019

Hey if you did the everything path for this site I would be happy to help moderate the site. I would also be up to helping with creating the threads for ASM coding.   Wink

RE: What to do next? (need some tips) - Fzerowii - 07-19-2019

I was a member of for so long that it would’ve been so amazing if you bought the domain and brought it back to life. But since that didn’t happen and since I don’t know much about mkwii modding, I don’t really have much say in what the future of the site holds. Is mkwii modding still really popular? Do you think having a site solely for this purpose will be enough to draw in more traffic? I don’t think it would hurt to have mkwii general stuff around here and there for people who don’t hack but then again if your main goal is for hacking only, it does seem kind of pointless.

RE: What to do next? (need some tips) - Dorian - 07-19-2019

I believe you should just change it to hacking forums and maybe keep the older 'Hall of Fame' moments that have happened. Besides that these forums are more-over learning how to create your own codes, use them or look at other peoples creations they've worked on, progress of there code. That's how I feel however. Plus, there is already a Discord if you want to discuss more than that, so it shouldn't be an issue.

RE: What to do next? (need some tips) - Vega - 07-19-2019

@Joshua Literally everything known about ASM coding for MKWii has already been made on this site. Regarding other hacking stuff, the only things here that are not covered are textures, music mods, CTs, and helping a user install and run CTGP (but wiki tockdom is already a great source for that)

Its not so much i need moderation, but a lot of help from ppl creating more sub forums, adding threads etc. I could create a new member group, basically you guys have mod powers but cannot see IPs, or ban ppl. You will have the ability to create new parent forums and add other threads.

@FZeroWii ye it sux. who knows maybe the owner might put it for sale in the marketplace after the mandatory clienttransferprohibited period of 60 days (you can't sell a domain after transfer/purchase until 60 days are up)

@Dorian well nothing will be lost regarding Hacking, just a lot of things shifted and more specific subforums will be created. no need for a hall of fame moments. im not doing any mass deletes of anything. as mentioned before, the MKW TT, and some MKW General stuff would be wiped


Most responses I have gotten on this thread (a lot of ppl I have asked on Discord) suggest going to the #2 plan. I'm still waiting on Cameron to chime in.

In general it appears the community has split itself up into sub communities aka 'sections' or 'hoods' if you will

MKBoards = The competitive Scene
MKWPP/Chadsoft/MKleaderboards = The TT Scene
Wiki Tockdom = Textures, Music Mods, Custom Tracks, CT Packs
4DR Forum = 4TL hacking, noob stuff in general
Wii Homebrew = Main Wiimmfi Forums/Support = ASM, Coding, Wii Softmodding, Hacking, Gecko Docs, Other Uncommon Resources.

It appears the community will never group together or ever have a place of a 'catch-all' type of site.

RE: What to do next? (need some tips) - JoshuaMK - 07-19-2019

(07-19-2019, 01:53 PM)Vega Wrote: It appears the community will never group together or ever have a place of a 'catch-all' type of site.
Well it is what it is  Rolleyes

RE: What to do next? (need some tips) - Vega - 07-19-2019

Hey do you got a discord?

RE: What to do next? (need some tips) - JoshuaMK - 07-20-2019

(07-19-2019, 11:53 PM)Vega Wrote: Hey do you got a discord?
Nope. Youtube and this site are the only ways to converse with me.