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Rules for Posting New Code Threads in the Codes Forum - Vega - 02-15-2018

NOTE: In regards to posting Code bugs, read this thread ->

Rules for New Code Threads in the Codes Forum

Chapter I. Intro

First thing's first. ~ Special shout out to Star for helping me fill up the Codes forum   Tongue

Here at, we are the first ever website to have a centralized + organized database of almost all publicly released MKWii codes. Many other code sites have incorrect codes, non-working codes, fake codes, etc. Also on, the Korean MKW is not neglected. Due to the rules, all codes threads (excluding the incomplete/outdated subforum) will be supplied with an NTSC-K Version.

To ensure legitimacy with the codes posted on, all threads here in the Codes forum go through approval by me or by one of the Moderators (Seeky or JoshuaMK). Before you post a thread, please test your code.

Please read the entire rules below before posting a thread for approval.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any person with the coder/dev role can post code threads without any approval needed.


Just because code threads get reviewed before being approved doesn't mean you ignore the rules completely before posting a thread for approval. If you create a pattern of constantly posting bad codes assuming it will get 'fixed' for you, then you may receive a strike on your reputation.

If thread approval is denied due to the code not working at all, being fake, made up, etc; it will be moved to the Purgatory forum.
If thread approval is denied due to the code not 100% working, it will be Incomplete/Outdated*** forum (some parts of the code have to work!!)
If thread approval is denied due to the code already being outdated by another code(s), it will be moved to Incomplete/Outdated*** forum
If thread approval is denied due to me being unable to complete the ports if required, it will be moved to Incomplete/Outdated*** forum

If code(s) is all good, they will simply be approved.

Much thanks
- Vega

**Please note that some codes do NOT work in the Dolphin Emulator. Also, some codes may not work when using Wiimm's SZS Tools to patch the GCT file to the main.dol. Thank you for understanding**

***For more information and additional rules regarding the Incomplete/Outdated code forum, please read Chapter V.

If a code is not working in Dolphin, this may remedy it...
First, try upgrading your Dolphin to the latest Dev Version (post 96XX had multiple issues fixed regarding MKW Codes)

If that doesn't work or you don't want to change your Dev version, try this...
1. Launch Dolphin
2. Find the Icon Picture at the top that says 'Graphics'. Click on it to open Graphics settings.
3. Go to the Hacks Tab.
4. Underneath External Frame Buffer settings, be sure the box for "Store XFB Copies to Texture Only" is unchecked.
5. Save settings. Reboot Dolphin

Chapter II. General Rules

NOTE: All threads created in this sub-forum must be cheat codes. Do not create threads about general Hacking. If you have questions/concerns about a cheat code, then feel free to reply in that specific cheat codes' thread.


- Codes must be available for all regions/ports including Korea (Read GREEN note below)
- You must supply proper code credits. Read Chapter IV for more information about crediting codes.
- Region Free (F6 type) codes are ONLY allowed if and only if they can work without having to change the hooktype when changing version of MKWii.
- Codes must be in an organized format (proper format shown in Chapter III). I have seen way too many MKW-Codes forums that are just so so sloppy.
- Do NOT pre-fill in your controller/button (XYZ) values for the codes. Leave them in standard XXXX YYYYZZZZ format to allow users to fill in the values that they desire. Same goes with something such with Item Values in codes in any sort of Item Cheat code.
- Please don't post any Item Hacks that require a 'Write Char Offset'. These Item Hacks are so outdated, I don't want them posted on
- If codes have non-controller values that are needed to be filled in, do not put the fill-in values as any hexadecimal letter (A-F). Use something like P, R, Q, W etc. You can use X, Y, and/or Z if the code doesn't have controller values to fill in.

NOTE regarding regions/ports: If a certain code cannot literally be ported to another region (such as this code HERE), then the rules about having 'all ports' do NOT apply. Also regarding ports: I understand that not everybody has access to get and/or make RAM Dumps for certain regions (especially Korea). If your new code thread doesn't have every region, but ALL other rules are followed, you can post the code. I (or another coder/dev) can finish the ports for you. The code will be placed in incomplete/outdated til the ports are completed.

Chapter III. Thread Format [Gecko Format]

All codes will follow the 'Gecko Format'. This is a standard that is applied to the thread title and code title within the thread. The creator (including co-creators if applicable) are included after the code's name in brackets. However those listed in code credits are NOT to be included in the brackets.

Correct Thread Format:
*The title of the thread shall be... Name of Code [Creator(s) of Code]

The thread contents:
Name of Code [Creator(s) of Code]
Description or Guide (optional)
Additional Notes (optional) example: Source of ASM Code
Code creator listed again plus code credits if applicable (For proper format on credits view Chapter IV)

If you want to switch up the format a tiny bit that's fine. Such as putting credits right after the code name/title, or place the description after the code itself. As long as the title is at the top, and the credits are included, then it's all good.

Chapter IV. Details of Rules for Credits

Proper Credits Format:

Code created by: John Example
Code contributor(s): Josh Example, Bob Example

This format doesn't have to 100% exact. For example you can put 'Code Creator' instead of 'Code created by'. Also, you can put something such as 'Code credits' instead of 'Code contributor(s)'.

NOTE: Do not put any credits/contribution notes for Porting. Porting is nice and I love to port, but it has no business being in the credits for actually making the code(s).

What actions qualify a person as a Code Contributor aka be listed in the Code Credits?
Any person who has done at least one of the following....
- Helped made the code, but not in a signficant/direct enough way to be listed as a Co-Creator
- Helped find the RAM Address
- Helped fixed a non-working/partially working code
- Shortened/Optimized the source of an ASM (C2/C0) code (read BLUE note below for more info!)


This does NOT include somebody modifying a floating value of a code.

If you make a totally new code that uses an already found address, the original address founder must be listed as the code contributor.

NOTE About Those Who Nop Address's Already Found By Someone Else, or Modify a Floating Point Value on an already discovered Address!!:
If you nop an already discovered code address to 'make' a new code, you DO NOT get credits as the creator of the code, and you DO NOT get credits as code contributor. Period. Noping an address takes no skill. You can still post the thread of that code with a nop if it doesn't exist, but the original address founder must obviously be listed as the code creator!

Same rules apply if you make a code have a 'new effect' by finding an unused floating point value to an already discovered code address. Once again, you DO NOT get credits as the creator of the code and you DO NOT get credits as a code contributor.

About 'trying/plugging-in' other values/instructions on an already found code address/single-liner code:
Any other values you use on an already found address (such as 38000000 or 2C000000, etc etc) is OK for you to put yourself as the Code Creator. HOWEVER, you must remember to add the address founder as the Code Contributor.

Important Info Regarding ASM (C2/C0 Assembly Codes) Codes; NOTE: you may not understand some of this if you are not familiar with ASM! These notes are for real Code Creators!!

If instructions are removed from an assembly code (for optimization), and the code functions the same (or very close to), you are NOT qualified to list yourself as the Code Creator. Only as a Code Contributor!

If new instructions are added/removed from an assembly code and a new significant function/feature is purposefully added as a result to that existing ASM Code... You are qualified as the Code Creator since it is objectively a new/different code. However you MUST add the original Code Creator as the Code Contributor/Code Credits! Feel free to post a thread of the new code if one doesn't exist already. If you want to add the original Code Creator as the Co-Creator instead of just Credits, feel free to do so.

Chapter V. Incomplete/Outdated Codes

Any codes that are incomplete, or are outdated can be posted HERE. The term Incomplete means that the code isn't available for all 4 regions/versions of MKWii. The term outdated means there is another code on the forum that does the same action in the game but the code is shorter, easier to use, and/or more stable. All threads will go thru approval by me. I will check to make sure you are posting real code(s) and following the rules listed below. If you create a habit of breaking the rules, you rep may be lowered.

There are four rules:

First: Make sure the Code isn't posted anywhere else before you post said Code. 

Second: Include a small note/description on the Code explaining why the code is outdated. This doesn't apply to codes that are only incomplete. (Example: This code is outdated by this other code because blah blah blah..)

Third: Do NOT post any codes that do not work at all. At least one version (region) of the code must be working.

Fourth: Do NOT post any Item Hacks that require "Write Character Offset". These codes are so outdated, that I don't even want them posted on

If an incomplete code becomes complete (all ports added, tested, and working), AND the code is not outdated, then it will be moved to the main Cheat Codes forum.

Much thanks,


Chapter VI. Non-Working/Fake Codes

Mdmwii's Wii ID Spoofer
Mdmwii's Serial Number BuTTsaver Code
Bully's Rapidfire for Classic Controller Code
Bully's Undetectable by Blue Shells
Bully's Clear Current Item Code
Bully's Display Time Modifier (JUST the minutes and seconds value, it 'works' but it effects game position therefore its not a display code only, however the milliseconds part actually works and that code itself is added on forums as 'millisecond display modifier')
Anarion's Vehicle Stat Modifier Offline (I've followed his instructions for the values to use, and tried my own. Character won't move unless you shroom, and the handling is way out of control, you spin in one spot at an extreme rate)
Bully's Instant Selection Timeout Code (the single line version, NOT the C2 ASM type which allows you to modify the timer value)
Only Find 1 Player WW's Code
Unsuspend Yourself
Ftwasify's No Voice when Star/Mega is Used Code
Davidevgen's No Kart Sounds (alternative No Engine Sounds) Code
Hamster's Star Speed Modifier
Hamster's Mushroom Speed Modifier
Revmage's Lightning Color Modifier
Revmage's Firesnake Speed Modifier
Gaia47300vr's The Item Float code
Red Color Bullet Bill
Davidevgen's Deploy Red Shell Speed Modifier
Spaghetti Nopper's Version of C-Stick Act/Deact Enablers (code is just iffy all around, maybe someone else can improve the code or make a diff one that works 100%)
Play as Bullet Bill Code
Hamster's Wheel/Chuck Key Remapper
Yo Momma's Perfect Timer
Anil8r's Perfect Timer
DarkFlare's Press Button To End Bullet Bill Code
DarkFlare's Disable Online Gameplay Code
DarkFlare's Detonate Bob-ombs on Command Online Code
DarkFlare's No Coin Pile
DarkFlare's Can Never Join Friends Code
DarkFlare's Anti Stalking Code
DarkFlare's Delete Friend Roster Code
DarkFlare's Ban Hackers Code
Luis's Detonate Bob-ombs on Command Offline Code (doesn't work every time you press your activator)
RoGamer's Stopped Chain Chomp Code
EvilRobot's Freeze WW Code
EvilRobot's DC WW Code
EvilRobot's Live View Moments Code
CPU Drives For You Code
RoGamer's Static Coin Code
GSKW's Nearsighting Code
Crashzer's Disable Map Preview Animation Code