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RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 10-28-2020


Since ALTWFC has been shut down, all ALTWFC specific threads have been un-sticked and closed.

RE: Announcements/Updates - Vega - 12-28-2020

Exclamation  ~Announcement~  Exclamation

The forum ranking icons (based on post count) has been updated.

Normal members have had their post count limit increased to 20. And coder/devs have their limit increased to 30.

Also, a post merge time check has now been implemented. If a user makes a post right after their own post in a particular thread (within a 5 minute time frame), the posts are merged automatically (separated by a horizontal rule). This is done to prevent spam and to prevent double (or more) consecutive posting in the "Make it to 10000" thread.

RE: Announcements/Updates - Vega - 02-14-2021

Happy 3 Year Forum Anniversary  Heart

RE: Announcements/Updates - Vega - 04-05-2021


MyBB upgrades completed

1.8.24 -> 1.8.25 -> 1.8.26

RE: Announcements/Updates - Vega - 08-02-2021

Exclamation  Announcement Exclamation

MyBB upgraded to 1.8.27

RE: Announcements/Updates - Vega - 10-06-2021

Exclamation  Announcement  Exclamation

I was able to get the domain name! Heart  Check it out! -

The plan on what to do with the domain name~
  • Have the forums reside at (instead of
  • Any requests to will be redirected to
  • Make a new site banner/logo, probably change the colors to black+blue (we been on black+orange for awhile, but might let it ride out for rest of October because of Halloween). If you guys want to make me a site banner (Waltress added on it? lol), make one and I'll take a look.

I'm really busy with work at the moment, so hopefully in a week, I can get that done. I hardly get any free time at the moment with so many obligations going on currently. So whenever I do get that done, it's obvious the forums will be under maintenance during that time.

When I first started the original forums back in Feb 2018, one of my goals was to eventually get both the domains of and Goal accomplished (:

RE: Announcements/Updates - Vega - 10-06-2021

Exclamation Announcement  Exclamation

- VPS Upgraded to Debian 10
- Forum Domain changed to
- New SSL certs issued
- domain now redirects to
- Any www domain usage will be redirected to non-www domain.
- Item Box favicon added back to replace the Bullet Bill

Will eventually update the theme colors and implement new site Banner/Logo plus fix some forum title/contents here and there.

Thank you terorie for all the nginx redirect help!

RE: Announcements/Updates - Vega - 10-07-2021

Obvious announcement, but might as well post it!

New Waltress Site banner (finally, lol), and the orange theme colors have been to change to a light/medium blue.

RE: Announcements/Updates - Vega - 12-14-2021


MyBB Upgrades completed: 1.8.27 -> 1.8.28 -> 1.8.29