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RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 07-06-2018

Alright, looks like I fixed the forum rank issue.  Smile

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 07-21-2018

Exclamation Announcement Exclamation

MyBB upgraded to version 1.8.17

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 08-27-2018

Exclamation Announcement Exclamation 

MyBB upgraded to version 1.8.18

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 08-28-2018


Since activation for forum accounts are instant, I have now edited all users a max limit of 10 posts per day. This will prevent a human (non-bot) spammer from joining the forums and spending the whole day making posts/threads to 'ruin' this forum.

Also, I deactivated the ability for all users to delete any reputation given to them by other users (good or bad).

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 09-02-2018

Small Update

Thread ratings have been disabled/removed. Don't really see the point of having this feature on. All the empty ratings make things look a little disorganized.

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 09-05-2018

Exclamation ANNOUNCEMENT Exclamation

The MKW Server is undergoing some changes. It will be offline until further notice!

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 09-07-2018

Exclamation ANNOUNCEMENT Exclamation

First off, thank you Star! Angel

The MKW Server has been updated to where you can now run a simple cheat code to get online. What does this mean?

- No Patching of the ISO/WBFS Required
- No Disc Patching Required
- No DNS Settings Required
- No SSL Options within USB Loader GX Required

Just a plain jane clean MKWii ISO/WBFS with this code - HERE

NOTE: This code will NOT work on Wii Launcher HBC app (for Disc users). Code DOES work for disc users if you are using the classic Gecko OS HBC app. Riivo is currently untested.

The domain to reach the server has been changed. It is now If you still wish to run a patched ISO/WBFS, just repatch the ISO to the new domain name.

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 09-18-2018

Exclamation Announcement Exclamation

MyBB upgraded to 1.8.19

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 09-19-2018

Exclamation Announcement Exclamation

Due to a bug in the mkw server causing false EC 60000's in Dolphin default NAND profiles, I have to decided to wipe all the profiles (done on Sep 19, 2018)). Bug is now fixed. This shouldn't be a big deal since the mkw server gets very low traffic. If you have an FC made before the server profile refresh (before Sep 19, 2018), simply delete the license. Connecting with a pre-server-wipe FC will obviously result in EC 60000.

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 11-07-2018

Small Update

Coder rank removed. With a small amount of traffic and forum members, a new comer can quickly know who can or cannot write/read ASM.