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Ubuntu Disable Auto Login Terminal

Posted by Brus Amy on Tuesday, 11 February, 2020 07:32:56

Suppose auto-login to a session is active in Ubuntu. So there will not be an opportunity to select a session (e.g gnome, unity, kde, etc). But if the environment is corrupted there is no way to escape except command line. Is there a way to disable auto-login without relying on GUI session

In order to disable automatic login for a certain user, you can simply comment out(add a # character) the lines in the custom.conf lines where AutomaticLoginEnable=true and Automatic Login=[user1] has been specified.

The typical way to disable automatic login is to go to System Settings > User Accounts. Click on the primary user, unlock the dialog and disable the Automatic Login option. I did this, but Ubuntu would still allow the primary user to login without a password.

How to Disable Auto Login in Xubuntu. During the Xubuntu installation, you have a choice of whether or not you wish to be asked for a user password at startup or not. However, the drawback is that after you've made your decision, you

Question when you get some issues that your Ubuntu cannot start normally but autologin still activated , (Gnome Freezing) ? Solution: 1.Press, ctrl+alt+F1 to get the terminal 2. Log in3. sudo vi /etc/gdm/custom.conf4. changed AutomaticLoginEnable to false (you'll have to press 'i' for insert)5. save (Esc -> :wq)6. sudo reboot You'll see login screen […]

It is important to clarify that from the moment that Ubuntu 19 is installed we have the option of enabling or not the automatic login in the user configuration section. There we have the following: Check the box "Start session automatically" to enable it. Check the "Request my password to log in" box to disable this functionality.