Switch Doom Login Patch

Doom for Nintendo Switch gets patch 1.1.1 with gyro aiming

Switch Doom Login Patch

Posted by Brouse Ames on Tuesday, 11 February, 2020 11:03:20

Bethesda Fixing Account Login Issue For Doom Players On Switch. Original Doom players once experiencing issues playing the game on Switch due to required Bethesda.net logins are getting issues fixed by Bethesda.

Releasing DOOM on Switch was both a testament to the power of Nintendo's handheld and the teams at id Software and Panic Button. Unfortunately, there have been some lingering issues making the Switch version a little broken. Thankfully Bethesda has announced a patch for DOOM on Switch is incoming.

Last night, Bethesda and Panic Button dropped a new patch for Doom on Switch. Version 1.1.1 was notable for several reasons, including the addition of motion aiming. Bethesda has now published the full patch notes for Doom's new update. We have them in full below. New Features! Motion Aiming - New control scheme option allows you to tilt the Nintendo

Bethesda has released a patch for DOOM I and II on Switch that negates the login requirement. by Ash . @ashwtm. the original incident spawned many creative and hilarious memes about the login notification and, for a short time, the internet was united by their mutual hatred of something.

The requirement to create and/or login to a Bethesda.net account for Doom, Doom 2 and Doom 3 was unintentional, says Bethesda, and will be patched out of the games with a future update.

Today, Bethesda announced the first three Doom games were all be coming to modern consoles including the Nintendo Switch. What Bethesda didn't mention was that you'd first need to create a