Various Non-MKWii Codes

Hi, this is Vega. This page contains a list of Wii codes I have made for any game that is NOT Mariokart Wii. However, for Dragon Ball Z BT3, I also included all other codes ever made that were not created by me (which only ended being a handful) for completeness.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Gecko Cheat Codes

All DBZ BT3 Codes

Taiwan Game Gecko Cheat Codes (NTSC-T)

RFNW01 XXXX Gecko Controller Activator Value
RFNW01 Change First Mii's Name [Vega]
SSQW01 XXXX Gecko Controller Acitvator Value
SSQW01 Character Modifier/Temp Unlock [Vega]
SSQW01 Map Modifier/Temp Unlock [Vega]
SSQW01 Press Button To Restart Wii [Vega]
SSQW01 Press Desired Button To Completely Turn Off Wii [Vega]

NTSC-U Super Smash Bros Brawl Gecko Cheat Codes

Read/Write to/from SD Card [Vega]

NTSC-U Mario Sports Mix

Custom Character Selection [Vega]
Force Character on All Slots [Vega]
Freeze Timer [Vega]
Instant Max SP Bar Gain [Vega]
Live Text Changer [Vega]
Match Timer Display Modifier [Vega]
Press Button to End Game [Vega]
Speed-O-Meter [Vega] Forums