Various Non-MKWii Codes

Hi, this is Vega. This page contains a list of Wii codes I have made for any game that is NOT Mariokart Wii. However, for Dragon Ball Z BT3, I also included all other codes ever made that were not created by me (which only ended being a handful) for completeness.

NTSC-U Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Gecko Cheat Codes

Gecko XXXX Controller Address Values
Data Save Map
Character + Map + Z Item + Music Hex Values
Symbol and Memory Map
EVA Checklist

Adjust Time of Day Increment Amount for Dragon World Tour [Vega]
Allow/Disallow Max Power Charging [Vega]
Allow Multiple Planet Destructions [Vega]
Auto Proceed Thru Intro Screens; GCN [Vega]
Automated Friend Code Cycler [Vega]
Be Final Opponent in World Tour [Vega]
Customizable Match Outcome [Vega]
Customizable Z Points [Vega]
Custom World Tour Character Bracket [Vega]
Damage Multiplier [hawkeye2777]
Disable Full Max Power Mode [Vega]
Disable or Allow Unlimited Taunts [Vega]
Disable Planet Destruction [Vega]
Disable Pre Main Menu Idle [Vega]
Disable Ringouts [Vega]
Disable Transformations [Vega]
Display False Character Name [Vega]
Display False Z Shop Percentage [Vega]
Distance Meter [Vega]
Don't Lose Dragon Balls When Summoning Shenron [Vega]
Duel Time Starting Modifier [Vega]
DWC_Authdata Spoofer [Vega]
Effected Health Bar Display Modifier [Vega]
Enable World Tournament Stages in Team/DP [Vega]
End Match Instantly At Any Time Version 1 [Vega]
End Match Instantly At Any Time Version 2 [Vega]
End Match Whenever & Set Outcome [Vega]
Execute Planet Destruction At Any Time Version 1 [Vega]
Execute Planet Destruction At Any Time Version 2 [Vega]
First Person View [Vega]
Force Character Selection [Vega]
Force Map Selection Version 1 [Vega]
Force Map Selection Version 2 [Vega]
Force Music Selection Version 1 [Vega]
Force Music Selection Version 2 [Vega]
Force or Disable Tired Character [Vega]
Force Shenron Menu [Vega]
Free Character Rotation [Vega]
Free Look [Vega]
Freeze Camera [Vega]
Freeze Character Rotation [Vega]
Freeze Timer [Vega]
Freeze/Unfreeze Ki Blast [Vega]
Friend Code Display Modifier [Vega]
Inaccurate Ki Blasts [Vega]
Infinite Health/Ki/Blast Stocks/Max Power [hawkeye2777]
Infinite Health/Ki/Blast Stocks/Max Power [Vega]
Instant Max Power Charge [Vega]
Instant Perfect Win [Vega]
Instant Transmission [Vega]
Invisible Characters & Effects [Vega]
It's Raining Ki [Vega]
Key Remapper; GCN [Vega]
Key Remapper; Wii Chuck [Vega]
Ki Blast Modifier [Vega]
Ki-Control [Vega]
MAC Address Spoofer [NinArm]
Matches Never End [Vega]
Max Power Never Decrements [Vega]
One Hit KO's [hawkeye2777]
Perfect Ultimate Battle [Vega]
Planet Destruction Modifier Version 1 [Vega]
Planet Destruction Modifier Version 2 [Vega]
Press Button to Turn Off Wii Completely [Vega]
Random Planet Destructions [Vega]
Random Transformations [Vega]
Rapid Fire; GCN [Vega]
Remove Ability Limit [Vega]
Screen Distortion [Vega]
Serial Number Spoofer [Vega]
Set Any Time of Day in Dragon World Tour [Vega]
Set Custom DP Limit [Vega]
Speed-O-Meter [Vega]
Start + Limit Health/Ki/Blast Stocks/Max Power Modifier [Vega]
Taunt Cooldown Modifier [Vega]
Taunt Limit Modifier [Vega]
Tele-Swap [Vega]
Timer Clock Display Modifier Version 1 [Vega]
Timer Clock Display Modifier Version 2 [Vega]
Timer Clock Display Modifier Version 3 [Vega]
Tired Character Threshold Modifier [Vega]
Transform Into Anyone Version 1 [Vega]
Transform Into Anyone Version 2 [Vega]
Transform Into Whoever & Whenever [Vega]
Unlimited Ki Blasts [hawkeye2777]
Unlock Hidden Missions in Ultimate Battle [Vega]
Unlock Literally Everything [Vega]
Uneffected Health Bar Display Modifier [Vega]
Use Any Red Potara Z Item [Vega]
Wii ID Spoofer [Vega]
Win/Loss/Draw Modifier [Vega]
Z Points Reward Modifier [Vega]

Taiwan Game Gecko Cheat Codes (NTSC-T)

RFNW01 XXXX Gecko Controller Activator Value
RFNW01 Change First Mii's Name [Vega]
SSQW01 XXXX Gecko Controller Acitvator Value
SSQW01 Character Modifier/Temp Unlock [Vega]
SSQW01 Map Modifier/Temp Unlock [Vega]
SSQW01 Press Button To Restart Wii [Vega]
SSQW01 Press Desired Button To Completely Turn Off Wii [Vega]

NTSC-U Super Smash Bros Brawl Gecko Cheat Codes

Read/Write to/from SD Card [Vega] Forums