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Full Version: Apply Any Position's Item Probability Values [Vega]
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Apply Any Position's Item Probability Values [Vega]

This code will allow you to run any positional item probability values as your own regardless of what your actual position in the game is. There is one setback with this code... For example: If you set the code for 11th place items and there's only 8 players in room, then the code will not function correctly and you will get item value 0x14 non-stop. The position in room must be a valid one. To view the item probabilities for each room size of Online VS, view this page - (credits to XeR)

047ACBC0 38600XXX

047BB620 38600XXX

047BAC8C 38600XXX

047A99E0 38600XXX

XXX Values:
1st Place Items = 000
2nd Place Items = 026
3rd Place Items = 04C
4th Place Items = 072
5th Place Items = 098
6th Place Items = 0BE
7th Place Items = 0E4
8th Place Items = 10A
9th Place Items = 130
10th Place Items = 156
11th Place Items = 17C
12th Place Items = 1A2

Code creator: Vega
Code credits: XeR (subroutine founder)