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Full Version: Millisecond Position View Modifier [Phyz]
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Millisecond Position View Modifier [Phyz]

This code will modify the millisecond section of the timer to display your current position. Works everywhere except for battle.

C27EA41C 00000003
881E0198 3D808053
3D6038A0 7D6B0214
916C10A0 00000000

C27F4A44 00000003
881E0198 3D808053
3D6038A0 7D6B0214
916C5BE8 00000000

C27F40B0 00000003
881E0198 3D808053
3D6038A0 7D6B0214
916C5568 00000000

C27E2E04 00000003
881E0198 3D808052
3D6038A0 7D6B0214
916C3C40 00000000

#Values per Region

.set region, '' #Must set region value, or else source will not compile

.if (region == 'E' || region == 'e') # RMCE
    .set _1sthalf, 0x8053
    .set _2ndhalf, 0x10A0
.elseif (region == 'P' || region == 'p') # RMCP
    .set _1sthalf, 0x8053
    .set _2ndhalf, 0x5BE8
.elseif (region == 'J' || region == 'j') # RMCJ
    .set _1sthalf, 0x8053
    .set _2ndhalf, 0x5568
.elseif (region == 'K' || region == 'k') # RMCK
    .set _1sthalf, 0x8052
    .set _2ndhalf, 0x3C40
.else # Invalid Region

lbz r0, 0x0198 (r30) #Default Instruction; r0 now holds position value

lis r12, _1sthalf
lis r11, 0x38A0
add r11, r11, r0 #Can't do addis w/o lis due to r0 being source register
stw r11, _2ndhalf (r12)

Code Creator: Phyz
Code Contributors: Vega (Helped shortened the length of the original Source); Bully (Millisecond Display Modifier Code creator), mdmwii (subroutine founder for Millisecond Display