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Full Version: Everyone On Your Screen Has Same Line Color [Vega]
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Everyone On Your Screen Has Same Line Color [Vega]

NOTE: Outdated by CLF78's version which works in all game codes and allows custom color settings

This code will make it to where everyone in an online raceĀ will have the line color of your choice. Obviously, this only effects the visuals on your screen.

0461E0CC 3880000X

046513E0 3880000X

04650A4C 3880000X

0463F6F8 3880000X

X = Region ID/Line Color
0 = Japan (red)
1 = Americas (blue)
2 = Europe (green)
3 = AUS/NZ (yellow)
4 = Taiwan (white)
5 = S. Korea (purple)
6 = China (white)
7+ = white

Code creator: Vega
Code credits: Star (address founder)