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Full Version: WIT vs WSTRT for domain patching
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I decided to see the differences when the game is domain patched using wit tools vs szs tools.

For WIT tools, you simply run the edit command for an ISO file (won't work on WBFS)
wit edit example.iso --http --domain

For SZS tools, you use wstrt to edit both the main.dol and StaticR.rel files
wstrt patch main.dol --https domain --domain
wstrt patch StaticR.rel --https domain --domain

I compared main.dol & StaticR.rel files on a hex editor (one set using Wit, the other set using SZS)

WIT: (both files were changed)
main.dol = All domains changed to All instances of https changed to http. All instances of naswii changed to nas.
StaticR.rel = All domains changed to All instances of https changed to http

SZS: (both files where changed, obviously)
main.dol = All domains changed to All instances of https changed to http.
StaticR.rel = All domains changed to All instances of https changed to http.

So, the only difference is that the 'wit edit' method, adds the extra naswii-nas step. Both patching methods work for dwc server emulators. They both also work for Wiimmfi (use domain ofc, or simply use --wiimmfi command shortcut). I cannot say if they work for other servers, that's up to you to test if desired.

In conclusion, if you are going to perma patch the StaticR.rel to remove Nin's VR Matchmaking Algorithm, then just use SZS to patch main.dol and StaticR.rel since you will need to extract the ISO/WBFS anyways. If not, make a copy of your WBFS to an ISO file, then just use the simple wit edit command.
wit edit works with WBFS files as well as with ISO/CISO/WDF files. There are some issues if a WBFS contains more than 1 image (WBFS is an archive format). In this case you have to specify the image within. Compare

Can you please give me an example for a not working WBFS edit?
File: NTSC-U MKWii (clean)
Name of file: test.wbfs
Command used: wit edit test.wbfs --http --domain

*****  wit: Wiimms ISO Tool v3.04a r8427 x86_64 - Dirk Clemens - 2021-04-18  *****
wit: EDIT WBFS:test.wbfs/#0
!! wit: ERROR #88 [WRITE FILE FAILED] in WriteWBFS() @ src/lib-sf.c#1991
!!      Can't allocate a free WBFS block [F=3]: test.wbfs/#0
This works for me (animal crossing):
# wit edit a.wbfs --http --domain
*****  wit: Wiimms ISO Tool v3.04a r8428M x86_64 - Dirk Clemens - 2021-04-20  *****
wit: EDIT WBFS:a.wbfs/#0
The message "Can't allocate a free WBFS block" means, that the patching process requests a new block. But domain patching does not expand the game. Can you send me your test.wbfs for further analysis?

EDIT:  I found such file
PM sent