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Full Version: Effect Size Modifier [Ryuk]
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Effect Size Modifier [Ryuk]

Allows you to modify the visual effect of the orange exhaust boost when an MT or Shroom occurs.

C268FAE0 00000002
3DE0XXXX 61EF0000
91FF072C 00000000

C2693F68 00000002
3DE0XXXX 61EF0000
91FF072C 00000000

C26935D4 00000002
3DE0XXXX 61EF0000
91FF072C 00000000

C2682310 00000002
3DE0XXXX 61EF0000
91FF072C 00000000

XXXX Values:
3F80 = Default
4000 = Recommended Value
4F80 = Too high, causes screen to flash white every time

Code creator: Ryuk
Approved, but I had to add NTSC-K, fix format, and add a description.

Please remember to follow the rules when posting a code here. If for some reason you can't port to other regions, you can post the future codes in the Incomplete/Outdated section.

Nonetheless, good job on the code. Much thanks.
Okay! You’re welcome.