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Full Version: Don't Lose VR When Disconnecting [Bully]
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Don't Lose VR When Disconnecting [Bully]

04834AD0 60000000

04856560 60000000

04855BCC 60000000

04844920 60000000

Code creator: Bully
Code credits: mdmwii (subroutine founder)
This code is great, no doubt.
But is there a way to make a "Win VR when DC'ing code"?
I think your Wii sends the last Place to the server, the VR-Changes are computed and the New VR is stored back. Maybe you need only to send the First place if you DC? Or am I on the wrong way?
Or you can do better and grab your current position to send to the server
Good Idea, however, I can't find the adress.

Can someone else try to find the adress, or make a code that forces a "Win DC"