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Full Version: Replace Mushroom When No Item Available [Star]
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Replace Mushroom When No Item Available [Star]

This code will replace the Mushroom that you receive when there is no item available, to an item of your choosing.

047ABA2C 380000RR

047BA48C 380000RR

047B9AF8 380000RR

047A884C 380000RR

[RR Values]
00 = Green Shell
01 = Red Shell
02 = Banana
03 = Fake Item Box
04 = Mushroom
05 = Triple Mushrooms
06 = Bob-omb
07 = Blue Shell
08 = Lightning
09 = Star
0A = Golden Mushroom
0B = Mega Mushroom
0C = Blooper
0D = POW Block
0E = Thunder Cloud
0F = Bullet Bill
10 = Triple Green Shells
11 = Triple Red Shells
12 = Triple Bananas

Code Creator: Star
Nice work! Inb4 Noobs have no idea what this code does.

EDIT: For anyone wondering, this will not stop Star's shared item detector. This code will still how your item as item value 0x14. If you look up the deactivator for this code it simply uses 04 for the item value aka single shroom.
Is this detectable by IIB?

It is silly if you are 10th (4 Items for the 10th Places out of 12 Players) and you get this Mushroom, because No Item is avaiable.
Afaik, this code doesn't change the output value of 0x14 (regarding item packets) when a No Item Available occurs. It just changes what you receive for the item value 0x14 on your end.

So to answer your question, it should just flag as a normal 0x14 on IIB.
Is it sometimes possible to get triple mushrooms instead of single mushroom if no item is available? I noticed this recently. And if yes, does anybody knows, where the adress of this is?
Here is the additional code that always let you get the Item as "No Item Avaiable" set in the original code above.

047ABA28 60000000

047BA488 60000000

047B9AF4 60000000

047A8848 60000000

How this works: Sometimes, if you requesting Triple Shrooms, it can happen that they are not avaiable. In this case, you will skip the adress of the original code and get Triple Shrooms as "No Item Avaiable". This code disables the branch, so that you will always get the Item set in the original code above, no matter what Item you requested.